ECON 370: Labour Economics


[Econ 370 – Syllabus]

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[A3] [A3 Solution] – Solutions last updated 11/04/2018 @ 11:00 pm (typo corrected in part c – originally the solution said “labour in period 1 increases”, but since the question is referring to labour in period 2, it is supposed to say “labour in period 2 increases”)

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Additional Readings:


Labour Economics in the News:

*Feel free to email me with any interesting news articles you read that pertain to the course


The Great Immigration-Data Debate (The Atlantic, Jan 2016)

Human Capital:

How Women’s Suffrage Improved Education for a Whole Generation of Children (The Atlantic, Aug 2018)

The Speedy Rise and Fall of Robot Babysitters (The Atlantic, Aug 2018)


The Unemployment Rate is Meaningless and We Should Scrap It (Macleans, Jun 2018)

Exit Interview (The Atlantic, Jun 2018)

How the Growing Gig Economy is Making Life Harder for North American Workers (Macleans, Jun 2018)

The Outsize Hold of the Word `Welfare’ on the Public Imagination (NYT Upshot, Aug 2018)

Why Amazon Needed to Pay Up (Wall Street Journal, Oct 2018)

Gender Pay Gap:

A Woman’s Paycheck is Influenced by Her Hometown–Even If She Doesn’t Live There Anymore (The Atlantic, Aug 2018)