Papers Under Review:

The Slaughter of the Bison and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains – with Donna Feir and Rob Gillezeau (revised and resubmitted at Review of Economic Studies)

Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books (revision requested at Quarterly Journal of Economics) – with Lisa Cook and Trevon Logan and David Rosé

Student Aid and the Distribution of Educational Attainment – (reject and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy)

Illuminating Indigenous Economic Development – with Donna Feir and Rob Gillezeau (revision requested at Canadian Journal of Economics)

The Intergenerational Legacy of Indian Residential Schools (under review)


Barber, M., and Maggie E.C. Jones (2021).  Inequalities in Test Scores Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Canada.  Economics of Education Review 83.

Feir, D., K. Foley, and Maggie E. C. Jones (2021). The Distributional Impacts of Active Labor Market Programs for Indigenous Populations.  AEA Papers and Proceedings 111, 216-220.

  • Online Appendix
  • This paper was part of a keynote session at the 2021 AEA/ASSA Annual Meeting, “Indigenous Nations Economic Development Strategies: Policies and Outcomes,” which is available for viewing here

Feir, D., and Maggie E.C. Jones (2020). Repaying a Debt? The Performance of Morrill Act University Beneficiaries as Measured by Native Enrollment and Graduation Rates. Invited publication for Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Journal 8(1), 129-138.

Jaworski, T., M. E. C. Jones, and Mario Samano (2018). Entry and Pricing on Broadway.  Applied Economics Letters 25(10), 653-658.

Jones, M. E. C., M. Ø. Nielsen, and Michal K. Popiel (2014). A Fractionally Cointegrated VAR Analysis of Economic Voting and Political Support.  Canadian Journal of Economics 47(4), 1078-1130. (Note: a working paper version can be found here)

Rosenblum, D., and Maggie Jones (2013). Did the Taliban’s Opium Eradication Campaign Cause a Decline in HIV Infections in Russia? Substance Use and Misuse 48(6), 470-476.

Working Papers:

The Green Books and the Geography of Segregation in Public Accommodations – with Lisa Cook and Trevon Logan and David Rosé (NBER Working Paper No. 26819)

Heterogeneous Returns to Active Labour Market Programming for Indigenous Populations (email for latest draft) – with Donna Feir and Kelly Foley

The Legacy of Indian Missions in the United States (email for latest draft) – with Donna Feir and David Scoones

The Determinants and Impacts of Historical Treaty-Making in Canada (email for latest draft) – with Donna Feir and Rob Gillezeau

Educational Investments and Cross-Cultural Differences in the Structure of Information (email for latest draft)

Work in Progress:

A Vaccination Scar: The Cutter Incident and Medical Mistrust in America – with Kate Fairley and David Rosé

Who Benefits from Teacher Discretion in Grading? – with Kelly Foley

When to Raise the Stakes? The Effects of Shifting High Stakes Tests Across Grade Levels – with Kelly Foley

The Effects of Mandatory Physical Education on High School Outcomes – with Kelly Foley and Umut Oguzoglu

How Does Increasing Choice and Flexibility Over Academic Requirements Affect Students on the Margin of Dropping Out of High School? – with Kelly Foley and Umut Oguzoglu

What’s in a Name? Confederate Schools and the Educational Outcomes of African American Youth – with Carycruz Bueno and Jhacova Williams

Unpaid Leave and the Gender Pay Gap in Academia – with Chris Cotton